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Open Space Easement


The Park County Commissioners denied the appeal.  The Open Space Easement established by Willard and Elaine Rhoads will remain in its natural state.

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A Hearing of Appeal is scheduled for November 1st at 11:00am regarding the Open Space Easement granted to the Park County Commissioners in 1981.


The Open Space Easement Covers the S 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Section 23, T.52 N., R. 105 W., Park County, WY as per the map below.


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1996-6479 ROS.png

On December 18th, 1980, Willard and Elaine Rhoads granted an Open Space Easement to the Board of County Commissioners of Park County, Wyoming.  The purpose of this easement is "that the property shall forever remain in its natural state as open space agricultural lands and as part of the aesthetic and ecological resources of the Northfork of the Shoshone River."

As part of this easement the, "County has agreed to receive this Warranty Deed and Open Space Easement upon the condition and understanding that the intentions of the GRANTORS regarding the future use and preservation of the land shall be forever honored and defended."

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The Open Space Easement was followed by the following corrective document to address a typo.

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